An aerospace engineering and leasing business that is underpinned by reliability, innovation and technology to deliver value for airline customers globally.

Sanad builds on more than three decades of experience in the aviation industry. A literal translation for ‘support’ in Arabic, Sanad strives to support its customers where it matters, and when it matters most.

As an integrated industrial service provider, Sanad is positioned to maintain and lease aircraft engines seamlessly. In 2019, Sanad renewed its strategic focus on providing enhanced customer support through superior engineering and leasing solutions, underpinned by cutting-edge innovation and technology, to provide excellence and reliability to all of its global customers.

The company is represented by its three distinct businesses, which are Sanad Aerotech, the specialist in aircraft engine MRO; Sanad Powertech, the energy and industrial MRO service provider; and Sanad Capital, a competitive leasing partner for global airlines.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi with offices in Abu Dhabi and Zurich, Sanad builds on the strength of industrial expertise to provide reliable and sustainable solutions to meet the industry’s growing needs.

Sanad is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mubadala Investment Company.

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