Agribusiness Sector

Mubadala is investing in agribusiness through new partnerships that will drive growth and enable sustainable, responsible and efficient production methods.

Agriculture and food production account for 40% of global employment and 10% of all consumer spending – approximately $5tn. With global population estimated to reach 9.7bn by 2050 compared to 7.6bn today, the agribusiness sector needs to meet ever-increasing caloric demand while facing a number of structural pressures. It is highly fragmented, with the top 30 companies accounting for only ~15% of the global market and suffers from outdated infrastructure and the limited application of new technologies.

Mubadala is focused on the production component of the food value chain and scale creation through consolidation, leveraging its technology and infrastructure experience to create new partnerships. Aquaculture is one of the most promising sub-sectors, where the deployment of new technologies can drive significant productivity improvements and accelerate growth.

Agribusiness Portfolio Highlights

  • Culligan Water

    Culligan Water is a global provider in sustainable water solutions, including related services and equipment, to residential and commercial markets.

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  • Peterson Farms

    Peterson Farms is a leading processor of fresh-cut apples, individually quick-frozen fruit products and not-from-concentrate juice in the U.S. with a leading market position in nearly all its categories.

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  • Avramar


    Avramar is a leading provider of top quality Mediterranean fish with vertically integrated operations, from feed to finished value added products, in Greece and Spain.

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The agribusiness sector is worth an estimated US $5 trillion


Agribusiness and food production account for 10% of global consumer spending