The Utilities portfolio is a global player in the utilities infrastructure sector, which includes power, water and district energy.

Building on its legacy of successful and strategic partnerships, Mubadala generates jobs for the communities it operates in, develops human capital, and utilizes the most advanced technologies to drive positive returns in countries around the world.

The Utilities portfolio acts as the bridge to the global energy transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Utilities Portfolio Highlights


Gross power owned by Mubadala companies, including renewables, captive aluminum smelter-related and other conventional power

6 GW

Gross power of conventional Power Capacity directly sponsored by Mubadala Utilities

384 MIGD

Gross Water Desalination Capacity owned by Mubadala Utilities


Established in 1998, Tabreed’s portfolio comprises 75 plants across five GCC countries and India

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